Season tickets:

  • for 4; 8 visits per month;
  • one-time visit.

Training sessions are held in a spacious hall provided with mirrors and fitted out with all necessary equipment for training. Fitness program training yields a fabulous result: improved state of the cardiovascular system, increased mobility, flexibility and elasticity of ligaments, joints and tendons, firm body, charming appearance, stronger immunity, resistance to diseases.

Fitness benefits:

  • Fitness classes provide an opportunity to maintain excellent physical shape and strengthen the body;
  • during fitness training sessions breathing becomes deeper, providing for better blood saturation with oxygen;
  • fitness exercises help to deal with negative psychological and mental phenomena, so that people performing exercises much faster get rid of depression;
  • group training sessions in most cases serve as an additional motivation, because working in a team stimulates one to work flat out. In addition, for people with propensity to leadership, the desire to get the best results will be a powerful incentive for fitness training.



Season tickets:

  • for 4; 8 visits per month;
  • one-time visit.

You You are not a supporter of rigorous exercises, or your health condition does not allow you to practice active sports? Do you want to strengthen muscles without building them up at the same time? Try Pilates - this area of fitness activities does not imply a fast pace, on the contrary, its point is in deliberateness. With Pilates you will learn how to slowly and thoughtfully work out simultaneously several muscle groups and at the same time breathe correctly. Smooth concentrated movements in combination with competent and deep breathing work out stabilizer muscles, develop a sense of balance, do not overstrain the body, and strengthen the spine and abdominal muscles.

It should be noted that pilates is perfect for people who have some problems with the joints or spine, because the absolute majority of movements (about 70%) in it are performed from a prone position. In addition, this activity helps to strengthen the press and back, the so-called "muscle corset". Stretching will help to overcome muscle spasm and is a good alternative to massage.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Creation of muscle corset, tone and stretching of muscles;
  • restoration of natural curves of the spine, its recovery;
  • improved posture;
  • weight loss;
  • improved joint flexibility and mobility;
  • restoration of neuro-muscular balance.


ZUMBA DANCES (8-13 y.o. kids).

Season tickets:

  • 8 visits per month;
  • one-time visit.

Zumba Kids is an original modern fitness program designed specifically for training young dancers. It perfectly combines elements of salsa and hip-hop, reggaeton and cumbia, which borrowed the best moves from each style. At the same time, easy combinations are quickly learned and used by children. Any lesson turns into a fun fitness party, which is dominated by bright and fiery rhythms!

     Benefits of Zumba:

  • Cultivation of concentration;
  • improved coordination;
  • good mood.



Season tickets:

  • for 4; 8 visits per month;
  • one-time visit.

There is a spacious workout gym available to you.

The gym is equipped with a line of modern equipment that is suitable for exercising any muscle groups. You can exercise individually and with a coach: it all depends on your choice and physical fitness.

With regular training you can achieve excellent results! 

And professional coaches will help you to organize training on equipment most suitable for you.



Season tickets:

  • One-time visit (60 minutes).

Greco-Roman wrestling is a sport where two athletes face off in a matchup and using wrestling techniques aimed above the belt try to knock one another off-balance.

The benefits of Greco-Roman wrestling:

  • Greco-Roman wrestling exercises develop strength, endurance, agility, responsiveness, coordination of movements and a sense of balance;
  • great importance in training is given to proper breathing, and a lot of time is allotted for running in different styles;
  • training sessions develop flexibility and acrobatic skills very important for the fighter, as well as excellent coordination of movements;
  • during training exercises one learns to concentrate and distribute attention correctly, retain the initiative, accurately assess and predict the situation on the mat, make the right decisions in a timely manner, minimizing the advantages of the opponent. 

All these skills are developed using general physical and special exercises, acrobatics, and various games devised for training exercises.



Season tickets:

  • One-time visit (60 minutes).

Billiard professionals and billiard sport fans are offered to have a lively time at our billiard parlor. Billiards is considered an intellectual sport and one of the best types of recreation without age restrictions. Here you will find everything you need for this great game. At your service there is a gaming area with six tables: a pool table, four Russian billiards tables, one Russian billiards table.

Billiard benefits:

  • It helps build focus and attention;
  • burns calories;
  • allows one to improve stretching and balance;
  • helps develop self-control;
  • hones good hand-eye coordination;
  • tones the muscles;
  • improves cognitive skills.



Season tickets:

  • One-time visit (60 minutes).

Table tennis is a great pastime for motivated people who want to develop perseverance, speed of reaction, independence, courage, determination, initiative, endurance and self-control.

Table tennis benefits:

  • Table tennis is the leader among other sports in terms of energy expended; it ranks second only to badminton. It's hard to believe, but this board game in terms of energy spending is ahead of even court tennis;
  • thanks to the regular playing of table tennis, one develops speed, as well as good reaction and a quick shot;
  • by practicing table tennis, movement coordination can be significantly improved, since for this game it is necessary to have an instant reaction, tactical thinking, and resourcefulness. The game develops good self-control and willpower;
  • Playing table tennis has a positive effect on human health, because it increases vitality, gives vigor and great mood. Thus, table tennis is an important step towards youth and health.
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